Operational Efficiency

Do more with less by optimizing all aspects of your IT organization.

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What is operational efficiency?

Operational Efficiency means maximizing outputs while minimizing inputs. In the context of IT, operational efficiency refers to using the least amount of effort to help increase the return on investment. Engineers, for instance, can spend less time fixing problems, troubleshooting, and keeping the lights on, and more time innovating and improving.

Bandwidth makes strides with operational efficiency

Austin Culbertson, NetOps Observability Manager at Bandwidth, talks about his organization’s progress toward unified observability and the important role operational efficiency plays in their strategy.

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Bandwidth makes strides with operational efficiency

Whitepaper: Increasing Operational Efficiency with Monitoring Best Practices

This whitepaper outlines monitoring best practices that unlock the automation MSPs need to drive efficiency and scale more quickly.

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operational efficiency

Operational efficiency benefits

GCP Billing dashboard

Save money

A penny saved is a penny earned. Operationally efficient IT departments can save organizations millions of dollars annually, and it starts with the ability to monitor everything in your IT stack.

Using LM Envision, thousands of out-of-the-box integrations and data sources mean you can reduce costs from every angle, including reducing time troubleshooting, saving on server allocation, and so much more.

Dynamic Dashboard: Clients/ Customers

Be agile

A key benefit of operational efficiency is the ability to be more agile. As IT becomes more complex, eliminating redundancies, reducing tool sprawl, and automating onboarding are essential to efficient best practices.

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Reduce MTTR

Reduce noise, backed by context, so issues can be resolved faster.

Use LogicMonitor’s root cause analysis to:

  • Make signals more actionable
  • Identify and group alerts due to dependencies based on topology
  • Limit alert notifications to root cause
  • Prevent alert storms
  • Understand more with automatically detected log anomalies
  • Troubleshoot faster within context indicators for anomalies, reducing the need to context switch
Dynamic thresholds in LogicMonitor showing the automatically learned bounds of an expected data range for a particular datapoint.

Focus on what’s important

Ensure the right issues are being sent out to teams, and the wrong ones aren’t.

LogicMonitor’s dynamic thresholds can:

  • Automatically learn what’s normal
  • Suppress non-anomalous alerts
  • Generate alerts for anomalies
  • Include support for the rate of change and seasonality

See what our customers are saying:

Using LogicMonitor as a Non-MSP

We’ve recently started to integrate the LM Logs and Configuration monitoring into our system. This has drastically helped in reducing troubleshooting time for issues.

May 17, 2021

Martin Sims

Infrastructure Engineer

McWane, Inc.

Building Materials | 5001-10,000 employees

Best performance monitoring tool

It has both real-time and historical performance data for server CPU, memory, disk I/O, and network usages, all displayed in beautiful graphs. Very convenient for performance troubleshooting or determining whether a device is over or underused.

May 14, 2021

Guosheng Li

Sr. Systems Analyst

Koch Global Services

Information Services | 1001-5000 employees

LogicMonitor is one of the best monitoring tool I have ever deployed.

LogicMonitor support is very good. Their response time is fast and we didn’t have any issues.

Sep 10, 2020

Idan Lerer

Senior Director, US Operations


Semiconductors | 201-500 employees

LM Review

Well suited where an organisation wishes to have a unified view of hardware stats and software stats… single monitoring window.

Dec 30, 2020

Manishh Arora

Vice President

Bypass Network Services Limited

Information Technology & Services | 11-50 employees

The Lowdown on LM

[LogicMonitor is] great for keeping an eye on infrastructure at a small scale (office-wide) or large scale (planet-wide).

Dec 18, 2020

Joe Carey

Support Engineer I


Information Technology & Services | 201-500 employees

LogicMonitor will become your Ops Team process improvement tool

We are a managed services IT staff and use LogicMonitor to support our clients and our own infrastructure. We sell monitoring as a service and Logic Monitor serves a critical role in that service.

Dec 14, 2020

Joe Jacir

System Engineer


Information Technology & Services | 51-200 employees

LogicMonitor is Time Saving Magic!

We implemented LogicMonitor to gather more information regarding our servers and appliances with far less configuration compared to previous laborious and custom solutions.

Dec 13, 2020

Collin Thoman

Systems Administrator

Seed IP Law Group, LLP

Legal Services | 51-200 employees

Second time LogicMonitor customer

LogicMonitor gives us a single pane of glass to view all of our infrastructures; from legacy hardware to bleeding-edge cloud resources. LogicMonitor also provides excellent default thresholds and alerting behavior, giving us huge gains in time for resolution compared to our previous toolset.

Dec 11, 2020

Zack Dietz

Infrastructure Engineering Manager

Rehrig Pacific Company

Plastics | 1001-5000 employees

LogicMonitor is how monitoring should be.

The ability to customize reports and dashboards is key as an MSP, because we can present custom tailored dashboards to our customers on request.

Dec 10, 2020

Alex Boyle

Enterprise Operation Center Engineer Level II


Information Technology & Services | 1001-5000 employees

LogicMonitor the Network Monitoring Tool You’ve been Searching for!

The application is integrated with our ticketing system and allows us to quickly respond to alerts. It also allows for two way communication between our ticketing system and Logic Monitor.

Dec 10, 2020

Jeff Aiken



Information Technology & Services | 51-200 employees

Automate and scale

LM Envision was built to help scale your business, using automation to eliminate redundancies. Clone and customize data sources, allowing you to easily manage custom applications across multiple environments.

For MSPs using LM Envision,customer onboarding is seamless. The platform automatically provides extensive visualization into all key technologies related to customer environments and other services. The time saved by automating onboarding can greatly increase operational efficiency.

Intelligent alerting

If you don’t have to worry about keeping the lights on in your house, why should you have to worry about it at work?

Get warnings early. LogicMonitor’s intelligent early warning system features:

  • The ability to distinguish signals from noise
  • The ability to eliminate noise and focus on what needs attention
  • Dependency Mapping
  • Actionable signal configuration

For example, say you’re looking at memory usage for a Kubernetes container. With one click, LM Envision can show anomalies from the collected data over a period of time, showing drops or upticks dynamically based on historical data, and only notify you when something is out of the norm. Additionally, you can set your own hard parameters for usage, so if memory usage drops below the acceptable range, you can be notified of a critical alert, potentially saving you significant time troubleshooting.

Proactive Monitoring with AIOps Early Warning System

Less time fixing, more time improving

LM Envision is built to go beyond monitoring, allowing you to identify and quickly resolve issues that arise, ultimately reducing MTTR. Automatically surface anomalies and see them in the context of your alerting, so you can go from wondering what’s wrong to finding why something happened –making troubleshooting happen much quicker.

Let’s say you’re using a Tomcat server, and one of the engineers spelled one of the document roots incorrectly, which created a path that doesn’t exist. Moments later, you were alerted that your web server went from good to bad, showing HTTP 4XX errors. By taking a quick look at log anomalies, LM Envision helps you see when those errors started occurring, as well as changes detected prior to the alert triggering. Instead of troubleshooting for hours because of one & accidentally thrown in.