Infrastructure Monitoring

Gain full-stack observability across cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environments with cloud-based infrastructure monitoring. Cut down your MTTR and make informed decisions with AI-powered intelligence for IT Operations.

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Monitoring intelligence for complex IT infrastructure

LogicMonitor’s cloud-based collectors automatically detect, monitor, and alert on your entire IT infrastructure. With automated discovery of all resources, you’ll have full-stack visibility across all cloud, hybrid and on-premises environments in just minutes. Leave the manual configuration and expensive hardware behind and step into the future of observable infrastructure monitoring.

Monitoring intelligence for complex IT infrastructure
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Full-stack Observability, built on a solid infrastructure

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Agentless collection

From servers to network equipment to computers, cloud, applications and everything in-between, all your devices and services are automatically gathered and monitored using scalable, agentless collectors.

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Automated discovery

Spend less time on set up and more time innovating. With automated discovery and configuration, your infrastructure data is securely added to monitoring in real-time.

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Hybrid support

Eliminate tool sprawl and context switching with a unified platform that enables you to see the entirety of your on-prem and cloud infrastructure in a single pane of glass.

With LogicMonitor, you’ll get:

  • Intelligent alerting with dynamic thresholds
  • Dynamic topology mapping
  • Automated deployment and configuration
  • Pre-built and customizable dashboards
  • 2000+ monitoring and technology integrations
  • 24×7 live support with technical engineers

Gain observability across your entire stack

LogicMonitor provides extensive visibility into hybrid infrastructure environments. With 2000+ monitoring integrations built-in, we help eliminate tool sprawl and context switching with a unified view of infrastructure health and performance. Monitor resource utilization, network usage and performance, and other critical infrastructure metrics with support for:

  • Networks and networking gear
  • Cloud and container resources
  • Servers, storage, and databases
  • Websites and synthetic transactions
  • SaaS services essential for remote work
  • Applications, IOT devices, and more

Automate deployment and configuration

Lightweight, agentless collectors automatically discover your entire IT infrastructure without the heavy lifting or expensive hardware. Within minutes, you’ll have the monitoring, alerting, and graphing you need to maintain and optimize infrastructure performance. As resources are automatically discovered and added to LogicMonitor, you’ll have the certainty that your monitoring platform will scale as fast as you do.

Visualize complex infrastructure

LogicMonitor’s topology mapping allows you to discover, map and visualize networking, server, compute, and virtualization resources.

  • Dynamically generate topology maps that show how data flows among complex resources
  • See alerts within your infrastructure on a topology map to streamline troubleshooting and reduce MTTR
  • Pinpoint anomalies that occur for a monitored resource and compare that anomaly to key historical signals

Optimize spend and increase ROI

No more surprises. See ‘at-a-glance’ where you can cut costs and optimize spend with detailed ROI analysis. Automated alerts flag spend thresholds and reserved instance expirations. Make your business more predictable by using historical data to forecast future spend.

Never over-provision or under-utilize resources again. Monitoring through local collector provides advanced insight into resource utilization, critical for capacity planning.

Infrastructure monitoring benefits







Enable proactive monitoring

AI-powered monitoring enables teams to move from reactive troubleshooting to proactive issue prevention, automatically surfacing issues that can impact performance. Detect anomalies across your infrastructure stack and forecast resource utilization to ensure business-critical services stay online.

Support complex infrastructure environments

Whether your environment is utilizing containers or traditional on-prem infrastructure, LogicMonitor can monitor it all. Monitor containers as fast as they are generated or destroyed, identify bandwidth hogs in real-time and optimize cloud spend all within the same pane of glass

Customize dashboards

At-a-glance status dashboards are automatically created for each of your services based on industry best-practices, making it easier to share information and keep your team informed. Combine data from across your infrastructure stack with drag and drop dashboard widgets to create an application or service-specific view that you or your customers need to maintain business continuity.

Eliminate alert storms

Put an end to alert storms with dynamic thresholds and root cause analysis. These features intelligently detect service-impacting signals from noise, making signals more actionable, and reducing the flurry of false alerts that keep your team up at night. With alert escalation chains, you can ensure the right team members are informed via SMS, email, chat, or ITSM integrations.

Optimize infrastructure costs

Advanced forecasting helps you predict future trends for your monitored infrastructure and plan accordingly. Resource utilization dashboards identify over-provisioned or under-utilized resources so you can reallocate resources and prevent infrastructure costs from ballooning.

Improve team collaboration

Communicate and resolve infrastructure performance issues quickly with a unified platform for IT Operation and DevOps teams. With workflow integrations for PagerDuty, Slack, ServiceNow, and Terraform, we make it easy to transform alerts into action and quickly reduce Mean Time To Repair.

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Infrastructure monitoring frequently asked questions

What is infrastructure monitoring?

Infrastructure monitoring is the real-time collection and analysis of the devices within an IT infrastructure. An IT infrastructure can contain on-premises devices, such as servers and network tools, cloud solutions, such as public and private cloud, as well as the entire IT tech stack needed for a company.

What is infrastructure management?

Infrastructure management is the ability to perform tasks within an IT infrastructure, based on it’s analyzed health.

Infrastructure monitoring vs infrastructure management

Infrastructure monitoring differs from infrastructure management in that it includes both the passive monitoring, as well as the traditional management within an IT infrastructure.

What does ITIM mean?

ITIM stands for IT infrastructure monitoring.

Is LogicMonitor agent-based or agentless?

LogicMonitor uses an agentless collector to gather data for connected devices. No physical equipment necessary!

How is infrastructure data collected?

Infrastructure data is gathered via Collectors, which are small nodes used to grab the definied metrics within a device.

Infrastructure monitoring resources

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