Azure Monitoring

Microsoft Azure Monitoring

Monitor the health and performance of Microsoft Azure on the same platform as the rest of your on-premises infrastructure and get a unified view across all of your systems and applications with LogicMonitor.  

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Get the metrics that you want and need

LogicMonitor uses the Azure Monitor API to get metrics for your resources with up to two-year data retention and no loss in granularity. The LogicMonitor Collector then goes beyond Azure Monitor and enables you to drill into detailed application and operating system-level metrics for your Azure VMs. From high-level impressions down to the most granular data, LogicMonitor provides a unified view of all the metrics that matter.

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Remove excess and make way for better performance

The continuous growth of Azure VMs and their usage can negatively affect application performance and server operating times, draining important resources. With LogicMonitor’s out-of-the-box under-utilized and over-utilized resource dashboards, you can identify and right-size your virtual machine infrastructure in real-time to reduce excess capacity and save money.

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AI built to do what it does best

With powerful AI features built in, keeping your virtualized infrastructure optimized and available has never been easier. Detect issues sooner with dynamic thresholds, reduce MTTR with root cause analysis, proactively prevent issues, and plan future resource allocation with automated forecasting.

Stay Ahead of Downtime

Availability issues reported by Azure automatically trigger alerts that can be routed to an individual, team or system via LogicMonitor’s built-in alerting and escalation functionality. Azure API availability is additionally measured via the Azure SDK. Visualize this availability monitoring data alongside resource performance to better understand when performance issues are a result of unavailable Azure services.

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Monitor and forecast spend so you can spend wisely

LogicMonitor’s cloud monitoring provides monitoring for Azure spend, enabling you to see at a glance where you can cut costs and optimize your bill. Monitored billing data can be broken down per service, region, tag, and subscription. LogicMonitor’s forecasting functionality can be used to predict future spend based on historical spend. Built-in alerting functionality enables you to ensure that you are notified when cost exceeds budget.

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Monitor Your Entire Stack in One Place.

Eliminate tool sprawl with deeper insights into the health and performance of your cloud and on-prem infrastructure within a single platform. Make hybrid monitoring a breeze with support for servers, databases, cloud, containers, networks, applications, and more.

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