Professional Services

Maximize time-to-value with LM Accelerate implementation packages or with a custom LM Professional Services engagement. LM Accelerate Silver, Gold and Platinum packages cover a wide range of customer needs and onboarding goals, designed to enable faster and more successful deployments!

LM’s Professional Services will:

  • Speed up your implementation time from months to weeks
  • Arm your team with expert training, guidance, and monitoring best practices
  • Ensure seamless integration into your infrastructure
  • Enable you to migrate with confidence and de-risk your go-live plan
  • Design custom solutions to meet your monitoring needs

LM Accelerate Packages

Enterprise IT

Device Coverage
Customized project plan
Working sessions
Customer Focus Areas
On-site add-on
Time to go-live


Under 750 devices
Up to 8 (60) Minute Sessions
Up to three
Within 1 month
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751 – 1,500 devices
Up to 16 (90) Minute Sessions
Up to five
Within 2 months
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1,501 – 3,000 devices
Up to 24 (90) Minute Sessions
Up to eight
Within 3 Months
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LM Optimize for Existing Customers

Ideal for existing LogicMonitor administrators/users and up to 5,000 devices/resources. It includes an enhanced health check, user training, best practice insights, and expanded coverage across devices, resources, and services to enable existing customers to fully maximize their LM environment.

LM Optimize Lite

Up to 1000 devices

LM Optimize

Between 1001-5000 devices