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For complex IT environments, you need a robust monitoring solution to provide visibility into the performance and health of your entire VMware stack.

With LogicMonitor, end-to-end monitoring of your VMware infrastructure is a snap. Just provide your vCenter / vSphere host name, and we automatically discover your virtualization environment and begin monitoring. LogicMonitor will monitor:

  • Virtual Machines: CPU Usage / Blocking / CoStop, Memory & Swap Details, Disk Latency / IOPS / Capacity, Network Throughput, Health Status, Snapshot Count / Depth, and more.
  • Hypervisors: Detailed CPU Utilization, Memory Use & Page Reclamation, Swap In/Out, Disk Latency / IOPS / Capacity, Network Throughput, etc.
  • Datastores: IOPS, Latency, Throughput, and Capacity on each of your vSphere datastores, and use LogicMonitor forecasting to predict resource shortfalls.
  • Networks & Interfaces: Throughput & Packet Drop rates per-VMnic, along with Health & Status of each Virtual Network
  • HA Clusters & Admission Control: Cluster-wide resource utilization, Failure capacity
  • Resource Pools: CPU & Memory resource utilization
  • Hardware Health: Hardware Health States, Component Temperatures, Fan Speeds, Power Consumption, and more.
  • VMX Config Files: Track changes over time

But the power of LogicMonitor is the ability to monitor your entire VMware ecosystem within a single system. In addition to your VMware systems, LogicMonitor can provide a detailed view into the performance of each individual VM and its applications, so you can track the table scans on your SQL Server / MySQL / PostgreSQL servers, or the performance details of any system running in your virtualization stack.

You can also use LogicMonitor to track all of the technology on which your VMware service is based. Monitor the health & performance of your storage systems; LogicMonitor supports all the major including those by EMC, NetApp, Nimble Storage, HP, Dell, PureStorage, IBM, Huawei, and more. LogicMonitor also can monitor the network devices that connect your environment together: Cisco, Juniper, HP, Extreme Networks, Dell, PaloAlto, Brocade, F5, Citrix Netscaler, and others.

When you have a service outage and need immediate root-cause-analysis, you need visibility into the entire environment. Is your performance suffering because SQL Server’s query cache is misbehaving, a switch’s packet buffers are full, or because a RAID in your storage system is being rebuilt following disk failure? With LogicMonitor you can quickly understand where any performance issues lie.

More details:

Virtual Machine Monitoring

Detect all your virtual machines, and monitor them automatically. Graph CPU load, network, memory usage, VMkernel swap rates, ballooning, and more. Detailed statistics and alerts let you track VM performance issues quickly and easily.

Hypervisor Monitoring

Monitor VMware metrics for all your hosts and see at-a-glance critical graphs of memory usage, swap rate, CPU load, disk latency, and more. Predefined best practices alerts warn you of impending issues that can affect your virtual machines, and provide recommendations without you having to be an expert in VMware monitoring. Use LogicMonitor’s unique “Top 10” visualizations to identify problem hypervisors before they impact service health.

VMware virtual machine monitoring Graph

Datastore Monitoring

Automatically discover the datastores attached to each of your vSphere hosts, and use LogicMonitor forecasting to predict resource shortfalls.

VMware virtual machine overview Graph

vCenter Cluster Monitoring

Track utilization across vCenter Clusters so you can anticipate shortfalls and predict growth.

ESX and ESXi hardware monitoring Graph

VM Configuration Tracking

Use LM Config™ to track changes to each VMs configuration, so your entire team can get visibility into changes made to your operational environment.

ESX and ESXi hardware monitoring Graph