VMware VeloCloud Monitoring (Legacy)

Last updated on 22 February, 2024


LogicMonitor offers out-of-the-box monitoring for the VMware VeloCloud platform. Our monitoring suite uses the VeloCloud Orchestrator API and SNMP to query the VeloCloud resource for a wide variety of health and performance metrics.


As of October 2020, LogicMonitor’s VMware VeloCloud package is known to be compatible with VeloCloud Orchestrator API:

  • Version 3.2.2 through version 4.0.0

Setup Requirements

Add Resources Into Monitoring

Add your VMware VeloCloud Orchestrator host into monitoring. The resource hostname is used to build URLs for API queries and should be formatted vcoX.velocloud.net to match the device’s respective portal in VeloCloud. For more information on adding resources into monitoring, see Adding Devices.

Obtain Credentials

LogicMonitor must provide the appropriate credentials in order to successfully access the VeloCloud resource’s data. These credentials must belong to an enterprise user account in VeloCloud that has been assigned the following minimum privileges:

Role Description
Read-only for edge and enterprise The VeloCloud Orchestrator API Programmer’s Guide allows for custom roles to be created as a composition of privileges.

Assign Properties to Resources

The following custom properties must be set on the VMware VeloCloud resource within LogicMonitor. For more information on setting properties, see Resource and Instance Properties.

Property Value
velo.user REST API username
velo.pass REST API password
system.categories A value of “VeloCloudAPI” will be automatically added by the addCategory_VeloCloudAPI PropertySource

The modules in this suite support HTTP connections using a proxy server. You can configure this in the Collector settings, see Configuring your Collector for use with HTTP Proxies, or with the following device host properties. Device host properties take precedence over Collector settings for proxy configurations.

Property Value
proxy.enable (Optional) This suite is written to use collector proxy settings for HTTP calls configured by the user. To enable, add this device property with the value set to true. Set to false to override the use of configured collector proxy settings and connect without a proxy.
proxy.host(Optional) Configure a proxy host to connect through that is different from collector configuration.
proxy.port (Optional) Configure a proxy port to connect through that is different from collector configuration.

Import LogicModules

From the LogicMonitor public repository, import all VMware VeloCloud LogicModules, which are listed in the LogicModules in Package section of this support article. If these LogicModules are already present, ensure you have the most recent versions.

Once the LogicModules are imported (assuming all previous setup requirements have been met), data collection will automatically commence.​


Automated Instance Grouping

DataSources in this suite assign instance-level properties that can be used for instance grouping if desired. By default, these DataSources are not set to automatically create instance level groups during Active Discovery, but the following table highlights a few common instance-level grouping options that you can implement if desired.

Group By Instance Level Property
Edge name auto.velocloud.edgename
ISP auto.velocloud.isp
Interface auto.velocloud.interface

For more information on updating DataSource configurations for the purpose of enabling automated instance grouping, see Instance Groups.

Automated Instance Deletion

By default, the DataSources in this suite are not set to auto delete instances so that users can maintain historical data for SLA purposes. However, you can update this Active Discovery setting to automatically remove edges and links that are no longer active. For more information, see What Is Active Discovery?.


The modules in this package are designed with a debug mode embedded in the scripts. If issues occur, turn on debug mode in the script by setting the variable debug to “true” to get more information in the output when testing the script in the Collector Debug Facility. For more information on testing scripts in the Collector Debug Facility, see Script Troubleshooting.

LogicModules in Package

LogicMonitor’s package for VMware VeloCloud consists of the following LogicModules. For full coverage, please ensure that all of these LogicModules are imported into your LogicMonitor platform.

Display Name Type Description
addCategory_VeloCloudAPI PropertySource Checks that credentials for VeloCloud Orchestrator API are present and working and assigns a value of “VeloCloudAPI” to the system.categories property.
VeloCloud Edge Health DataSource Reports health of individual edges.
VeloCloud Edge Link Health DataSource Reports health of individual links grouped by edge.
VeloCloud Edge Link Metrics DataSource Reports link network utilization metrics for all active links; a link is considered to be active if an edge has reported any activity for it in the last 24 hours.
VeloCloud Edge Link Event Quality DataSource Reports link quality scores for voice, video, and transactional events as well as metrics.

The DataSources in this package do not include predefined datapoint thresholds (that is, no alerts will trigger based on collected data). This is because the technology owner has not provided KPIs that can be reliably extended to the majority of users. If you’d like to receive alerts for collected data, you’ll need to manually create custom thresholds. For more information, see Tuning Static Thresholds for Datapoints.

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