Retaining Deleted Kubernetes Resources

Last updated on 19 August, 2022

By default, Argus deletes resources immediately. If you want to retain resources, you can configure the retention period to delete resources after the set time passes.

You must configure the following parameters in the Argus configuration file:

  • Set the DeleteDevices parameter to false.
    Note: Argus moves deleted resources to _deleted dynamic device group, and the alerts set on the deleted resources are disabled.
    To modify the parameter values for an existing installation, see Upgrading the Argus using Helm deployment.
  • Specify the retention period in ISO-8601 duration format for the deleted devices using the property kubernetes.resourcedeleteafter = P1DT0H0M0S.
    For more information, see ISO-8601 duration format.
  • By default, the value for the retention period property is set to 1 day, which means the device will be permanently deleted from the LogicMonitor portal after 1 day. You can modify the default property value. 

Note: The maximum retention period allowed for all resources is 10 days. If you want to retain resources for more than the set maximum period, you must contact the customer support team to modify the maximum retention period for your account.

  • Argus adds the retention period property to the cluster resource group to set the global retention period for all the resources in the cluster. You can modify this property in the child groups within the cluster group to have different retention periods for different resource types. In addition, you can modify property for a particular resource.

Note: Argus configures different retention periods for Argus and Collectorset-Controller Pods for troubleshooting. The retention period for these Pods cannot be modified and is set to 10 days.

Setting the Retention Period Property

To set the retention period for the resources, you must set the following parameters in the argus-configuration.yaml:

    # To delete resources from the portal after a specified time
    - name: "kubernetes.resourcedeleteafterduration"
      value: "P1DT0H0M0S" // adjust this value according to your need to set the global retention period for resources of the cluster
      override: false

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