Microsoft Teams Integration Overview

Last updated on 15 August, 2022

You can use Microsoft Teams with LogicMonitor to acknowledge LogicMonitor alerts from your Microsoft Teams. The Microsoft Teams Integration allows bi-directional communication between LogicMonitor and your Microsoft Teams channels to monitor alerts in LogicMonitor, send them to your Microsoft Teams channels, and acknowledge them and schedule downtime (SDT) from within a Microsoft Teams channel. This allows you to have a seamless experience between your LogicMonitor portal and your Microsoft Teams environment by monitoring your environment from within Microsoft Teams. 

Integrating LogicMonitor with Microsoft Teams establishes communication between LogicMonitor and Microsoft Teams and involves configuring the integration settings in your LogicMonitor portal. The Microsoft Teams integration uses webhooks to route alerts from LogicMonitor to your Microsoft Teams channels and allows you to acknowledge or SDT alerts from within Microsoft Teams. You must create these webhooks in Microsoft Teams before you can configure the integration settings in your LogicMonitor portal.

For general information about Microsoft Teams, see the Microsoft Teams website. For more information and sample code, see the Microsoft Teams developer documentation.