LM Logs Roles and Permissions

Last updated on 29 November, 2022

Administrators can manage access to LM Logs in LogicMonitor Users & Roles settings.

Configuring Permissions

Under Settings > Users & Roles > Roles, click the Settings icon to edit the permission settings for Logs.


  • View grants access to the Logs page. If you don’t have this permission enabled, you will not be able to see the Logs page or any of its shared functions on other pages. 


  • View grants access to the Logs > Pipelines page and other pipeline processing pages (such as Alert Conditions). See Log Processing Pipelines.
  • Manage enables you to view, add, and edit pipelines and pipeline alerts.

Log Ingestion API

Note: To view logs for a resource, a user needs to have permission to view both the resource and view the logs. This means that if you have logs enabled, but you do not have access to the resource group, you will not be able to see logs from any device in that group. See LogicMonitor Resource Permission Settings.

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