Uninstalling LM Container Services using LM Container Helm Chart

Last updated on 10 May, 2023

Important: This applies to LM Container services using LM Container Helm Chart 1.0.0 or later.

This topic describes how to uninstall LM Container using the unified Helm Chart.

You may need to uninstall LM Container to start a fresh LM Container installation.



  1. Open the command line interface window. 
  2. In the terminal, run the following Helm command to uninstall the existing Argus and Collectorset-Controller from a Kubernetes cluster:
    helm uninstall lm-container -n <respective namespace>
  3. Delete the Custom Resource Definition (CRD) object by using the following command:
    kubectl delete crd collectorsets.logicmonitor.com


  • The CRD object doesn’t get deleted with the uninstall Helm command. You have to manually delete the CRD.
  • ConfigMaps created by argus get deleted automatically through Helm uninstall. Use the following command if it doesn’t get automatically uninstalled from the cluster:
    $ export ARGUS_SELECTOR="app.kubernetes.io/name=argus,app.kubernetes.io/instance={{ .Release.Name }}" kubectl delete configmaps -l $ARGUS_SELECTOR,argus.logicmonitor.com/cache==true
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