Unmonitored NetScan Devices

Last updated on 08 May, 2023

Devices discovered by NetScan that are not assigned to a device group show in the “Unmonitored NetScan Devices” on Resources tab or Settings tab.

You can filter this list of devices in several ways:

  1. Device types: e.g. Windows, Linux, Cisco, NetApp devices.
  2. NetScan: names of your NetScan definitions by which they were added.
  3. NetScan ID: The system defined ID of the iteration by which they were added.
  4. NetScan status: choose Active, Deleted, or All. Deleted devices are those that were previously discovered during a NetScan iteration, then deleted, and have since been re-discovered. You can move these devices directly into monitoring. Devices that have been ‘Deleted’ will not be added on future NetScans. If you want to remove Deleted devices from the list, add them to a group and delete that group.

You can move unmonitored NetScan devices to a group in two ways:

  • Select the desired devices using checkboxes then click the “Move to Group” button. You will be prompted to specify an existing group.
  • Select the desired devices using checkboxes then drag and drop them into the desired group.