Configurations for Ingress Resource for OpenTelemetry Collector Kubernetes Installation

Last updated on 25 July, 2022

The OpenTelemetry Collector Installation wizard in LogicMonitor allows you to specify an Ingress Endpoint to leverage an Ingress resource when installing your OpenTelemetry Collector in Kubernetes. The wizard populates the Helm Chart install command with your Ingress Endpoint information, but you must modify the command with additional properties for your Ingress resource.

Properties for Leveraging an Ingress Resource for use with an OpenTelemetry Collector

The following table displays the properties you must define in the install command to enable the OpenTelemetry Collector to leverage an Ingress resource:

ingress.ingressClassNameThis property defines the type of Ingress Controller deployed in your cluster (For example, “NGINX”).

Note: Depending on your version of Kubernetes, this property may not be applicable. For more information, see Kubernetes’s Deprecated annotation documentation.

--set ingress.ingressClassName="nginx" \
The Helm Chart command provides an option to configure the annotations to the Ingress resources. Dedicated Ingress resources are designed for HTTP and gRPC protocols. You can use the ingress.annotations property if the annotation applies to both Ingress resources. You can also specify the annotations specific to HTTP or gRPC) using the ingress.http.annotations property or the ingress.grpc.annotations property.

Note: By default, the lmotel-grpc Ingress resource contains annotations specific to the NGINX Ingress Controller. If you are not using the NGINX Ingress Controller, ensure you modify the annotations to fit your environment.

--set ingress.annotations.example-common-property=example-value \
--set ingress.http.annotations.example-http-property=example-value \
--set ingress.grpc.annotations.example-grpc-property=example-value \
ingress.tls.secretNameTo enable the TLS certificate based authentication at the Ingress level, create the TLS secret from the certificate files in the same namespace where the Opentelemetry Collector will be installed.--set ingress.tls.secretName="lmotel-example-secret-certs" \

When the properties are added to the Helm Chart install command, the command looks similar to the following:

helm repo add logicmonitor ""
helm install -n logicmonitor \
--create-namespace \
--set lm.account=lmstaging \
--set lm.access_id=<lm_access_id> \
--set lm.access_key=<lm_access_key> \
--set lm.otel_name="exdcfgvhjnkm" \
--set replicaCount=1 \
--set \
--set ingress.enabled=true \

--set ingress.ingressClassName="nginx" \

--set ingress.annotations.example-common-property=example-value \

--set ingress.http.annotations.example-http-property=example-value \

--set ingress.grpc.annotations.example-grpc-property=example-value \

--set ingress.tls.secretName="lmotel-example-secret-certs" \

lmotel logicmonitor/lmotel

For more information about Ingress resources and the specific properties, see Kubernetes’s Ingress documentation.

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