Moving your Collector to another machine

Last updated on 20 April, 2020

To avoid downtime when moving your collector to another machine, we recommend that you install a new collector on the new machine and then transfer the monitored devices from the old collector to the new collector.

Once you’ve installed a collector on the new machine, you can transfer monitored devices to the new collector from Settings | Collectors.  Simply locate the collector you’d like to transfer devices from, select the Devices (#) icon, select all devices (or a portion, if you don’t want to transfer all devices) and then select ‘Change Preferred Collector’:

Note: You should ensure that the new collector will have the same privileges as the collector it is replacing.  For example:

  • are devices and networking gear configured to allow snmp access from the new collector device, or were they restricted to the old collector device’s IP address?
  • are database permissions set to allow the new collector device’s IP to query them with sufficient access?