EMC VNX/Clariion SAN

Last Updated: 28 July, 2022

The Clariion and VNX SAN instrumentation require the installation of the the Navisphere CLI tool (naviseccli). Once installed, add both service processors (SP-A and SP-B) as devices into your account. On each of these devices set system.categories to either EMC_VNX for Clariion and VNX systems, or EMC_VNX2 for VNX2 series systems.

Also, you’ll need to ensure that statistics logging for block storage is enabled on your system.

Note that these datasources are designed such that the device instrumentation is gathered from SP-A, while monitoring of SP-B has been designed to alert when SP-A is unavailable.

System Requirements

  • Import the LogicMonitor_Collector_Snippets DataSource to ensure that your collector supports the code in this monitoring suite, or update to EA Collector 32.100 or later.

Installing the Navisphere CLI Tool

Navisphere CLI is a tool provided by EMC to provide for programmatic management of block (SAN) storage systems such as Clariion and VNX series.

The LogicMonitor Collector uses this tool to gather data directly from the EMC service processors. You’ll need to install this package on each Collector from which you mean to monitor these types of EMC systems.

  1. Log into your DELL\EMC support account. Search for “Navisphere CLI” and download the OS version appropriate for your Collector platform (Linux vs. Windows). As shown next, the download is typically found under Support Tools.

  2. If you’ve downloaded the package from a system other than where your Collector is running, transfer the file to that system and run the installer.
  3. Upon installation:
    1. Make sure to install the package to the default location.
      • Windows: C:\Program Files (x86)\EMC\Navisphere CLI\ or C:\Program Files\EMC\Navisphere CLI\
      • Linux: /opt/Navisphere/bin
    2. Decline the option Create Security File, since we manage device credentials within LogicMonitor
    3. Specify the Certificate Verification Level as “Low

  4. Log in to Unisphere/Navisphere Manager using administrator credentials and create a read-only (operator) user. Note the userid and password.
  5. Verify connectivity of Navisphere CLI tool to the Clariion/VNX Service Processor by running the command:
    naviseccli -address <sp ip address> -User <operator> -Password <passwd> -Scope 0 getagent
  6. Once you’ve verified connectivity, add the following device properties to your LogicMonitor account:
    • naviseccli.user the userid created in step 4
    • naviseccli.pass the password created in step 4

    Note: If you have multiple Clariion / VNX systems, you can set these properties either in a device group or top-level group (provided you elect to use the same operator credentials across all systems).

Enabling Statistics Logging

Before LogicMonitor can poll your EMC Clariion and VNX systems for block storage performance metrics, these systems need to be configured to collect these type of statistics. Where you set this up varies depending on your version of Navisphere/Unisphere Manager, but in general you’ll want to something along these lines:

  1. Log in to Unisphere Manager with administrative credentials, select the array from the drop-down menu:

  2. Mouse over the System button at top, and in the resulting sub-menu select Monitoring and Alerts:

  3. Click the Statistics for Block button:

  4. In the Settings group, select Performance Data Logging:

  5. Set Real Time Interval & Archive Interval to 300 seconds, and ensure Periodic Archiving is checked. If Status indicates that data logging is already running, you’ll want to click Stop before making changes. Once configured correctly, click Start to being statistics collection and logging.

    For additional metric granularity, you may set Real Time Interval & Archive Interval to be more frequent in exchange for higher Storage Processor utilization and additional NAR/NAZ file generation. It is recommended to have Archive Interval set to 60 seconds during testing, not exceeding 300 seconds for regular monitoring.

  6. EMC block storage will now generate the necessary statistics for polling by LogicMonitor. Close and exit Unisphere / Navisphere manager as necessary.
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