LogicMonitor Pack Setup for the StackStorm Integration

Last updated on 09 March, 2022

Setting up the LogicMonitor Pack involves downloading and installing it from the StackStorm Exchange, and then configuring the Pack to enable communication with your LogicMonitor portal.

Communication between the LogicMonitor Portal and the LogicMonitor Pack uses the LM Python SDK, a REST API that enables you to manage your environment programmatically. See LogicMonitor REST API for more information. To enable this communication, you must include LogicMonitor API information in the LogicMonitor Pack’s configuration file and then register the Pack with StackStorm.

For more information about Packs, see StackStorm’s Packs documentation.


To configure the LogicMonitor Pack, you need a LogicMonitor API Token from your LogicMonitor portal. For more information, see API Tokens.

Recommendation: Associate a LogicMonitor user with the minimum required permissions for your API Token. See “File Permissions and User Role Considerations” in General Requirements and Considerations for the StackStorm Integration.

Downloading and Installing the LogicMonitor Pack

  1. Log in to StackStorm.
  2. Download and install the LogicMonitor Pack from the StackStorm Exchange using the following command:
st2 pack install logicmonitor

Note: You can access the LogicMonitor Pack from the StackStorm Exchange.

Configuring the LogicMonitor Pack

  1. Copy the /opt/stackstorm/packs/logicmonitor/logicmonitor.yaml.example file to the /opt/stackstorm/configs/ directory.
  2. Rename the /opt/stackstorm/configs/logicmonitor.yaml.example file to logicmonitor.yaml and populate the file with the following appropriate values:
    • Company name of LogicMonitor portal
    • LogicMonitor API Access ID
    • LogicMonitor API Access Key

Recommendation: Store the LogicMonitor API Access Key as a dynamic value for enhanced security. See StackStorm’s Dynamic Configuration Value for more information about appropriate values and how to store secret values securely.

  1. Register the pack using the following command:
st2 pack register logicmonitor

Note: If you make additional changes to the LogicMonitor Pack, you must re-register the pack using the provided command.

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