Last updated on 17 March, 2023

Netscreens need to have snmp enabled in order for LogicMonitor to monitor them and discover all the interfaces, VPNs, etc.  This can be done via the Netscreen GUI, under Configuration….Report Settings…SNMP.  
Edit an existing SNMP community, or add a New Community, and ensure that the IP address of the device running the LogicMonitor Collector is within one of the ranges or devices allowed to use that community.
  Also ensure that you set the snmp.version property in LogicMonitor for the Netscreen device (or its containing group) to match that specified on the Netscreen.  If the netscreen is set to use v2c, it will not respond to snmp v1 requests, even with the same community.

To see Per Policy statistics

You must enable Counting for each policy that you wish to see per policy traffic flows and sessions for.  You can do this from the Netscreen GUI via Selecting Policy…Policies….
Click “Edit” on the relevant policy, then “Advanced”, and check the “Counting” check box.  
Note: you can name each policy to provide a more descriptive name from the Instances Tab of the NetScreenPolicy Datasource on your NetScreen device in LogicMonitor.