Rate Limiting for Push Metrics

Last updated on 16 October, 2023

Rate limits are imposed for requests to LogicMonitor’s Push Metrics REST API.

The following table lists default rate limits:

Limitation RuleContent- EncodingLimitDescription
Based on compressed payload sizegzip104858 bytes– 104858 bytes limit for the compressed data.
– “pushmetrics.maximum.payload.size.allowed” controls API-Ingest APIs.
-“payload.size.compression.rate” config is used as compression ratio. For example, if we have “payload.size.compression.rate” as 10 and “pushmetrics.maximum.payload.size.allowed” as 1MB. Then, the maximum allowed payload size in compressed form will be 0.1MB.
Based on uncompressed payload size1048576 bytes“pushmetrics.maximum.payload.size.allowed” controls the Ingest APIs.
Based on instance counts100– Maximum instances allowed in a payload are limited to 100(default) -“pushmetrics.maximum.instances.allowed”
Ingestion Frequency10000/ one minute– 10000 requests per minute.
– Controlled at ingress level.

If internal APIs are used to throttle the ingested data, there may be a delay in the appearance of new devices or properties being used. For example, ingesting bulk data with new resources or property updates causes an ingestion delay for the updated new devices or properties. LogicMonitor applies internal throttling which is indicated in the audit logs and you would need to make the request again. The metrics appear only on the successful creation of the devices.

Recommendation: The bulk creation of devices and instances (especially during the onboarding process) should be spread out rather than sending hundreds of requests at once.