Rate Limiting for Push Metrics

Last updated on 03 August, 2022

Rate limits are imposed for requests to LogicMonitor’s Push Metrics REST API.

The following table lists default rate limits:

Limitation RuleContent- EncodingLimitDescription
On the basis of Payload Sizegzip104858 bytes– 104858 bytes limit for the compressed data.
– For API-Ingest APIs it will be controlled by “pushmetrics.maximum.payload.size.allowed”
-“payload.size.compression.rate” config is used as compression ratio. e.g, if we have “payload.size.compression.rate” as 10 and “pushmetrics.maximum.payload.size.allowed” as 1MB. Then, the maximum allowed payload size in compressed form will be 0.1MB.
On the basis of Payload Size1048576 bytesIngest APIs will be controlled by “pushmetrics.maximum.payload.size.allowed”
On the basis of instance counts100– Maximum instances allowed in a payload is limited to 100(default) and can be controlled via GCC config with key -“pushmetrics.maximum.instances.allowed”