Fortinet FortiSwitch Monitoring

Last updated on 17 March, 2023


LogicMonitor offers out-of-the-box monitoring for Fortinet FortiSwitch Ethernet switches. Our monitoring package uses SNMP to query the FortiSwitch appliance for a variety of health and performance metrics. ​

Setup Requirements

Add Resource Into Monitoring

Add your FortiSwitch host into monitoring. For more information on adding resources into monitoring, see Adding Devices.

Enable SNMP

SNMP must be configured on the FortiSwitch host in order for the DataSources to apply.

SNMP Credentials

LogicMonitor must provide the appropriate credentials in order to successfully access the FortiSwitch device via SNMP. For instructions on how to set the appropriate credentials as properties on the resource within LogicMonitor, see Defining Authentication Credentials.

Import LogicModules

From the LogicMonitor repository, import the Fortinet FortiSwitch DataSource, which is listed in the LogicModules in Package section of this support article. If this LogicModule is already present, ensure you have the most recent version.

Once the LogicModule is imported (assuming all previous setup requirements have been met), the FortiSwitch DataSource will automatically begin collecting data.

Troubleshooting Incomplete Config Collection

If you are additionally using the Fortinet_FortiOS ConfigSource to monitor configuration changes, you may need to disable paging when listing the configuration as some Fortinet FortiSwitch switches do not support a per-session command to disable paging. If paging is not disabled in these cases, it can cause the ConfigSource to fail to collect the entire config.

In order to disable paging on FortiSwitch devices, run the following commands:

sysname# config system console
sysname (console)# set output standard
sysname (console)# end

This will set the device to “standard” output as opposed to “more” output; the difference being that “standard” output will show the entire config in one go, whereas “more” output will show one page only and then display “–More–“, causing an incomplete config collection.

LogicModules in Package

LogicMonitor's package for Fortinet FortiSwitch consists of the following LogicModule.

Display Name Type Description
FortiSwitch: Global Statistics DataSource Monitors FortiSwitch global performance statistics such as CPU usage, memory and disk storage metrics.

When setting static datapoint thresholds on the various metrics tracked by this package's DataSource, LogicMonitor follows the technology owner's best practice KPI recommendations. If necessary, we encourage you to adjust these predefined thresholds to meet the unique needs of your environment. For more information on tuning datapoint thresholds, see Tuning Static Thresholds for Datapoints.

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