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Upgrading Kubernetes Monitoring Applications


LogicMonitor’s Kubernetes monitoring involves two semantically versioned applications: Argus and the Collectorset-Controller. New versions of these applications provide bug fixes, improvements, and new features. You can see the latest available versions of these applications (and the enhancements they provide) on their respective GitHub host pages.

Release Tagging

Argus images are tagged with semantic versioning in addition to a tag for the major version (for example, v5) which will match all images that get published with that major version (including minor improvement and bug fix increments). This ensures that new images with minor improvements and bug fixes are used automatically.

For example, for Argus version 5.0.0, the following tags are applied to the image: “v5” and “5.0.0”. If you reference “v5” in your Helm deployment at the time 5.0.0 is released, that tag would also match subsequent Argus versions 5.1.0, 5.1.1, and so on upon their release.

Opt-in is still required when a new major version is released. This means that if your Helm deployment for Argus and Collectorset-Controller currently references “latest” or hard-coded version image tags, you will need to opt in to the upgrade using the instructions provided in the next section.

Opting In to Major Version Changes


Ensure the following requirements are met before upgrading:

  • Helm 3
  • Kubernetes 1.14+

Upgrade Instructions

General upgrade instructions for Argus are listed next, but some major versions have specific upgrade steps. Please see LogicMonitor’s Argus GitHub page and locate the major version you’re upgrading to in order to review any version-specific steps that may be necessary.

General upgrade steps:

  1. Fetch new LogicMonitor Helm charts by running:
    helm repo update
  2. Delete the Argus deployment by running:
    kubectl delete deployment argus
  3. Upgrade the Helm deployment for Argus by running (replace “v5” with the desired major version as needed):
    helm upgrade --debug --wait --reuse-values --set imageTag="v5" argus logicmonitor/argus

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