Pure Storage Monitoring

Last updated on 17 March, 2023

Pure Storage develops all-flash data storage hardware and software products. LogicMonitor offers a suite to monitor performance statistics for Pure Storage arrays.


As of September 2020, LogicMonitor’s Pure Storage package is compatible with Pure Storage devices exposing the Pure Storage REST API version 1 (1.5 and later); version 2.x is not currently supported. All LogicModules accessing the API will default to using the highest available version of the 1.x REST API.

  • The LogicModules in this package use the Pure Storage REST API. Refer to their documentation here.
  • Overall array performance statistics are extracted using SNMP. Configuring only SNMP requires the module: PureStorage_Performance.

Setup Requirements

You will need a new or existing user with read-only access to the device. Depending on your PureStorage configuration, this may be created locally on the device itself or externally through an Active Directory or LDAP integration.


Create an API Token for the account using the Purity GUI or the CLI.

  • In the Purity GUI, go to System > Users > Create API Token
  • On the CLI, run the command: pureadmin create --api-token

Your token should look like: 523eb429-7432-3425-bb12-5fe45ba66416

Role Description
purestorage.apitoken.pass Pure Storage API token

Associate your PureStorage API Token with your device by adding it as a device property of the name purestorage.apitoken.pass. Refer to Pure Storage’s documentation for creating tokens here.


Enter the port(s) used by the technology suite.

Protocol Ports Description
TCP 443 REST service access
UDP 161 SNMP (Optional)


The following PropertySources must be installed for modules in this package to work:

  • addCategory_PureStorage
  • PureStorage_ArrayInfo
  • PureStorage_API_Versions​


This package contains a Troubleshooting module that should only be visible if there is a problem during setup. If there is a problem, the module should create a troubleshooting instance displaying problems.

Examples of setup issues include bad credentials or incompatible API versions (such as for older equipment).

LogicModules in Package

LogicMonitor’s package for Pure Storage contains the following LogicModules. Please ensure that all of these LogicModules are imported into your LogicMonitor platform.

addCategory_PureStoragePropertySourceAdds system.categories=PureStorage to devices that return a login page when queried.
addERI_PureStoragePropertySourceSets Pure Storage ERI and StorageNode ERT for topology mapping purposes.
Volume UtilizationDataSourcePureStorage Volume Utilization as provided by REST API. Some systems do not return shared_space.
Volume Performance (Older API versions)DataSourcePureStorage Volume Performance as provided by REST API.
Volume PerformanceDataSourcePureStorage Volume Performance as provided by REST API.
Temperature SensorsDataSourcePureStorage Temperature Status as provided by REST API.
PureStorage_ArrayInfoPropertySourceKept separate from the basic addCategory_PureStorage PropertySource deliberately.
PureStorage_API_VersionsPropertySourceKept separate from the basic addCategory_PureStorage PropertySource deliberately. Finds supported API versions – mostly for possible future reference if data outputs change or versions are removed.
PureStorage TroubleshooterDataSourceVisible if there is a problem with setup.
Drive StatusDataSourcePureStorage Array Performance as provided by REST API. Some systems do not return a ‘degraded’ value.
Component StatusDataSourcePureStorage Component Status as provided by REST API.
Array UtilizationDataSourcePureStorage Array Utilization as provided by REST API. Parity will be NaN if API is v1.7 or below.
Array Performance SNMPDataSourcePureStorage Array Performance via SNMP.
Array PerformanceDataSourcePureStorage Array Performance as provided by REST API. san_usec_per_read_op, san_usec_per_write_op will be NaN if API is v1.9 or below.
Array ControllersDataSourcePureStorage Array Controller status as provided by REST API.
PureStorage_TopologyTopologySourceGenerate Pure Storage topologies.

When setting static datapoint thresholds on the various metrics tracked by this package, LogicMonitor follows the technology owner’s best practice KPI recommendations. If necessary, we encourage you to adjust these predefined thresholds to meet the unique needs of your environment. For more information on tuning datapoint thresholds, see Tuning Static Thresholds for Datapoints.

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