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HPE 3PAR Storage

LogicMonitor provides comprehensive monitoring of HPE 3PAR Storage Systems. Included LogicModules cover the following:

  • Array Controller Performance
  • Volume Performance & Utilization
  • Virtual LUN Statistics, both by Host & by Volume
  • Common Provisioning Group (CPG) Statistics for Virtual Volumes, Thin Virtual Volumes, and Thin Deduplicated Virtual Volumes
  • Per-Port Performance and Throughput
  • iSCSI Network Statistics
  • Physical Disk Throughput & Utilization
  • Hardware Component Health

3PAR LogicModules use SSH to poll the array for performance data. To enable 3PAR monitoring you’ll need to first create an SSH administrative account on your 3PAR system with read-only privileges. Store the userid and password as ssh.user and ssh.pass device properties.

To enable 3PAR LogicModules, you’ll also need to add 3PAR-SSH to the system.categories device property.