SaaS Lite Monitoring

SaaS Lite is monitoring for status pages that is included free of charge in every account that has SaaS Monitoring enabled. This enables you to create dashboards and alerts in LogicMonitor on the status of third-party vendors you rely on.

To enable Lite Monitoring for SaaS integrations in your LogicMonitor account:

1. Install the SaaS Lite Monitoring DataSource.

2. Add and configure SaaS Lite Monitoring integrations.

Install the SaaS Lite Monitoring DataSource

Search in Exchange and install the following DataSource:

LogicModule Name Type Description
SaaS_StatusPageIO_Status DataSource A multi-instance DataSource that reads the output from StatusPage IO calls for a given SaaS and parses out the response to return statuses.

This is currently the only LogicModule related to SaaS Lite Monitoring, but there may be more in the future.

Add SaaS Lite Monitoring integrations

To add a SaaS Lite Monitoring integration:

1. In Exchange > Cloud Integrations, search for “Lite Monitoring” or use the filter to select “Lite”.

2. Click Add for the SaaS you want to add to Lite Monitoring.

3. In the SaaS Lite wizard, fill in the Name, Description, Parent Group, and Properties.

4. Click Finish.

A new group will be created for each SaaS Lite integration added. Each group will include a new resource for the DataSource to apply to. You can relocate or move this resource to better fit your LogicMonitor Resource page structure if desired.

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