NetFlow Device Metric Report

Last updated on 20 March, 2023

The NetFlow Device Metric Report display top flows, top source endpoints, top destination endpoints, and top talkers for NetFlow-enabled devices. It provides an excellent overview of recent network traffic metrics across your NetFlow-enabled devices.

Configuring a NetFlow Device Metric Report

To configure a NetFlow Device Metric report, select Reports | Add | Report | NetFlow Device Metric. A report dialog appears that allows you to configure various report settings.

Configuring Settings Common to All Report Types

The first four settings, along with the final setting, that are found in the report dialog (Title, Description, Group, Format, and Generate this report on a schedule) are universal to all report types. To learn more about these global report settings, see Creating and Managing Reports.

Configuring NetFlow Device Metric Report Settings

In the NetFlow Device Metric Report Settings area of the report configuration dialog, specify settings particular to the NetFlow Device Metric report including time range and resources to be included in the report.

Include DNS Mapping

If you have uploaded a CSV that maps IP addresses to their respective DNS names, checking the Include DNS mappings option includes a table of this map in your report’s output. For more information on uploading IP-DNS mapping data, see Viewing, Filtering, and Reporting on NetFlow Data.

Time Range

Click the calendar icon located to the right of the Time Range field if you would like to set a duration other than the default “Last 2 hours” for the report.

Resource Groups / Resources

From the Resource Groups or Resources field, limit the resources to which this report will apply by designating one or more resource groups or resources. If you designate resource groups, the report output will include all NetFlow-enabled devices within the specified group(s). You can use explicit names or glob expressions in these fields.

Note: Multi-glob lookup is available in this field. You can select a combination of both glob and distinct values to specify your resources/resource groups. For more information on LogicMonitor’s support of glob, see Using Glob throughout your account.

Threshold Limits

Adhoc Requests Thresholds (Limit for number of Graphs)


Scheduled Requests Thresholds

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