Pick & D3

Last updated on 03 August, 2022

In order to monitor a Pick (aka D3) database on a non-windows machine you will need to have net-snmp installed. For operating systems that run a different snmp process by default (eg AIX), you will have to install net-snmp. Support for Pick on Windows is forthcoming.

The procedure for monitoring a Pick database involves two steps after you have net-snmp running:

  1. create a small shell script
  2. extend net-snmp to execute this script

1. shell script

The script can be installed anywhere.  For this example we will have it installed at “/usr/local/bin/lm-d3stats.sh”:


PICKMD="dm"; export PICKMD

# if you have a password defined, set it here

/usr/bin/d3tcl maxusers | strings
/usr/bin/d3tcl free | strings
/usr/bin/d3tcl buffers | strings

Details on these and other variables can be seen at the Rocket Software d3tcl Command (UNIX) page.

2. extend net-snmp

Extend net-snmp by adding to the snmpd.conf file (commonly located in /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf or /etc/snmpd.conf) this line:

extend lm-d3stats /bin/bash /usr/local/bin/lm-d3stats.sh

Restart the net-snmp process after adding this line in order for it to take effect.

After you have made these changes the database should show up under “D3 Status” datasource on the database host in LogicMonitor within 5 minutes.