Nutanix HyperConverged Infrastructure

Last updated on 17 March, 2023


Nutanix systems are monitored via SNMPv3. LogicMonitor will auto-discover Nutanix devices provided SNMP is enabled. For more information on enabling SNMP for Nutanix devices, see the Configuring SNMP documentation provided by Nutanix.

Known Issue: False VM Memory Usage Reporting

LogicMonitor is aware of an issue where the datapoint vmMemoryUsagePercent for the Nutanix_VirtualMachines DataSource always returns 100% for VM memory usage. According to Nutanix support, this is a known bug in AOS and has been confirmed to be present in the AOS release as well.

Nutanix support has tried on an AHV cluster in their lab and it is still showing 100% for all guest VMs. The limitation seems to be on the VirtIO driver in AHV Linux that does not seem to be able to get the guest VM memory usage info. If it is an ESXi cluster, then the memory info is returned correctly.

As this is not a LogicMonitor issue, your only recourse at this time is to contact Nutanix support. If you’d like to verify the reported AOS version, you can do so from LogicMonitor’s Collector Debug Facility using the !snmpwalk command:

!snmpwalk <host> .

For example:

!snmpwalk .
Walking OID . from host=, security=lm2, auth=SHA, authToken=10 bytes, priv=AES, privToken=10 bytes, contextEngineId=, contextName=, port=161, timeout=3 seconds:
0 => el6-release-euphrates-5.1.4-stable-cf11e899775fdc07ae12fc5ed7763c4a07e13f0e
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