REST API Status Codes

Last updated on 23 September, 2022

When an unsuccessful request is made, in LogicMonitor REST API v2 and v3, the response body will contain an errorCode field with one of the following codes:

HTTP Status CodeAPI v2 & v3 Error CodeDescription
2021202The request has been accepted for processing, but the processing has not been completed.
4001400Bad request (resource cannot be deleted because something else is dependent on it)
4011401Authentication failed
4031403Authentication succeeded; permission denied.
4041404No such resource
4091409The resource already exists
4121412A precondition was not met (two factor authentication)
4131413Request entity too large (the report is too large to generate)
4291429Too many requests (exceeded rate limits) 
5001500Internal error

Along with a data object, the response body contains a ‘status’ field which should display one of the following codes for v1 of the API:

Status CodeDescription
1201The update was partially successful.
600The record already exists.
1041RBAC issue
1403Two-factor authentication is required.
403Authentication failure
2403User must enable two-factor authentication
3403Incorrect password
1001Internal error
1007Request failed – possibly due to duplicate records
1069, 500No such record
1013, 1004, 1015, 1022, 1027, 1033, 1037, 1060, 1058, 1048No such Device DataSource, Device Group, Instance Group, DataSource, Instance, Collector, Datapoint, Widget, SDT
1101Query timed out
1010Device Group was not deleted
1014Instance group cannot be created
1301Save failed
1074Report too large
1073Collector is down
1040Import DataSource failed