Monitoring Amazon EKS Cluster with LogicMonitor

Last updated on 27 July, 2023

Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) is a managed Kubernetes service that helps you run Kubernetes on any standard Kubernetes environment (AWS). Using Amazon EKS, you can run Kubernetes without installing and operating a Kubernetes control plane or worker nodes.

LogicMonitor helps you to monitor your Amazon EKS environments in real-time. For more information, see What is Amazon EKS from Amazon documentation. 
LogicMonitor officially supports running LM Container Kubernetes Monitoring on AWS Bottlerocket OS. For more information, see Bottlerocket from AWS documentation.

Requirements for Monitoring EKS Cluster

  • Ensure you have a valid and running cluster on Amazon EKS. 
  • Ensure to run the supported Kubernetes cluster version on Amazon EKS. For more information, see the Support Matrix for Kubernetes Monitoring.

Setting up Amazon EKS Cluster

You don’t need separate installations on your server to monitor the Amazon EKS cluster, since LogicMonitor already integrates with Kubernetes and AWS. For more information on LM Container installation, see Installing the LM Container Helm Chart or Installing LM Container Chart using CLI.

Amazon EKS Cluster Dashboards

You don’t need to create any separate Amazon EKS cluster dashboards. If you have integrated LogicMonitor with Kubernetes and AWS, the Amazon EKS cluster data will display on the relevant dashboards.

Amazon EKS Cluster Dashboard
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