Perfmon Active Discovery

Last updated on 20 January, 2020

LogicMonitor can query Windows servers for the presence of Performance Monitor (Perfmon) counters and classes.

There are two methods of using Perfmon based Active Discovery – by discovering all the instances of a particular class, or by discovering all the classes that match a regular expression.

To discover all instances of a particular class of Perfmon object, enter the object name in the “Perfmon Class” field. (The object names are those visible in the windows Perfmon tool.)  e.g. entering Network Interface, as shown above, would cause LogicMonitor to discover all the network interfaces on each windows device.  Note: If you wish to discover the presence or absence of a Perfmon object that does not have instances, simply enter the name of the object as the value for the Perfmon Class attribute. (e.g. if the Citrix Secure Gateway product is installed, the Perfmon object “Secure Gateway” will exist, and this will be returned as the instance name.)

Some software, instead of creating instances of a class of perfmon object, instead creates multiple objects. For example, SQL Server behaves this way. Every SQL server database instance will create a new set of Perfmon objects, named for the database instance.  You can use the Class Regex field to discover such instances. Supply a regular expression that matches the classes you wish to find, with a capture group indicating the part of the string to be used as the instance.

The ActiveDiscovery section above would cause each database instance (which will have a Perfmon counter object called Database Name:Sql Statistics) to be discovered as appropriate Database Name.



Currently Perfmon active discovery only provides filtering based on the instance name.

To implement such a filter,use the token ##WILDVALUE## as the attribute, as in the example below: