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GCP Billing Monitoring

LogicMonitor supports monitoring of billing data via Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Billing Export.

What data is monitored?

Import the following DataSources to monitor GCP Billing:

  • Cost by operation – spend monitored per GCP billable operation
  • Cost by project – spend monitored per GCP project (relevant for linked billing accounts)
  • Cost by service – spend monitored per GCP service (e.g. App Engine, Compute Engine, Cloud SQL, etc.)

Create a GCP storage bucket to store your GCP billing files

You’ll need to first create a bucket in your GCP project that the billing export can be saved to. Any name, storage class, and location will work for LogicMonitor’s GCP billing monitoring.

Set up GCP Billing Export to send billing reports to the storage bucket

Before you continue, you may need to set up Cloud Billing Data export to BigQuery.

Enable GCP Billing Monitoring in LogicMonitor

Lastly, you’ll need to enable GCP Billing Monitoring in LogicMonitor via the Manage option for your monitored GCP project, and provide the BigQuery table path ( in the field.

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