Text Widget Creation

Last updated on 03 November, 2022

When you create a text widget, you can enter plain text directly into a text editor, and use the settings to apply paragraph styling, or add text using HTML. You can also add images.

Requirements for Creating a Text Widget

  • The HTML needs to be valid for the widget to render the content, and this includes a string. 
  • Images must be in https and have a LogicMonitor endpoint. 

Creating a Text Widget

  1. Select the Text widget. For more information, see Selecting a Widget.
  2. Complete the Basic Information fields. For more information, see Entering Basic Widget Information.
  3. You can add text to the Text Options field one of two ways:
    • To add plain text, enter your text into the Text Options field and then apply paragraph styling.
    • To add HTML text, select Source, and then enter your HTML in the Text Options field.

Note: A maximum of 65,535 characters are allowed in the Text Options field. If the HTML is broken, LogicMonitor displays an error in the content of the widget.

  1. To add an image:
    • Select the insert image icon.
    • Enter the desired image URL as well as configure its Width/HeightBorderHSpaceVSpace, and Alignment with the widget.
    • Select Ok.
  2. Select a Widget Color Schema. For more information, see Selecting Display Settings.

Note: Selecting a Widget Color Schema does not impact the design of the content within the widget.

  1. To preview the widget before saving it, select Preview in the top right corner of the widget form.
  2. Select Save to save the widget to your dashboard.
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