LogicMonitor Integrations Overview

Last updated on 03 November, 2022

You can integrate with third-party tools to extend the monitoring capabilities and alerting technologies that LogicMonitor provides, enabling you to have a seamless experience with the tools in your environment.

LogicMonitor provides preconfigured, out-of-the-box (OOTB) integrations for select third-party tools. These OOTB integrations allow you to configure the integration directly in your LogicMonitor portal. LogicMonitor also provides logs for the OOTB integrations directly in your portal, giving you visibility into the outgoing and response payloads for every integration call to help you troubleshoot.

For third-party tools that do not have a preconfigured integration in your LogicMonitor portal, you can use the API offered by the third-party to integrate LogicMonitor with the tool. 

You can configure the following types of integrations in your LogicMonitor portal:

  • Communication—You can integrate LogicMonitor with a messaging program to enable you to acknowledge LogicMonitor alerts from within your messaging tool. For more information, see Communication Integrations Overview.
  • Workflow—If your environment includes an IT Service Management (ITSM) solution, you can integrate LogicMonitor with your solution to automatically create incidents in your ITSM tool. For more information, see Workflow Integrations Overview.
  • Automation—You can integrate LogicMonitor with an automation tool to provision, manage, and remediate your IT infrastructure. For more information, see Automation Integrations Overview.
  • Custom—LogicMonitor provides a template for you to integrate with any third-party tool that does not have the preconfigured integration capabilities offered from LogicMonitor. For more information, see Custom Integrations Overview.

Note: Integrations based on LogicMonitor alerts rely on properly configured alert rules. For more information, see Alert Rules.