Adding Recipient Groups

Last updated on 09 July, 2023

You can use LogicMonitor REST API v3 to add recipient groups to your LogicMonitor account. You must authenticate yourself before making the API request.

URI: POST /setting/recipientgroups

groupNameString(Mandatory) The name of the recipient group that you want to add. Example – "groupName": "Tier 2 Helpdesk"
recipientsJSON ArrayA recipient is a user or email address that receives alerts for specific events. The field contains information of the recipients in the group.

A recipient group has multiple alert delivery recipients. Because it contains multiple user accounts or other recipient groups, it becomes easy to notify a variety of alert types to recipients of the same group.

The field contains the following information about the recipients:
  • type – (Mandatory) Supported recipient types are GROUPARBITRARY, and ADMIN. Here, ADMIN indicates a user and ARBITRARY indicates an arbitrary email.
  • method – (Mandatory) Supported methods are EMAILsmsEMAILVOICESMS, and LM integrations. The method varies as per the recipient type. ARBITRARY – use email. ADMIN – use EMAILsmsEMAILVOICESMS, or the defaultMethod. GROUP – does not require a method.
  • contact – It includes the email address or phone number of the recipients.
  • addr – If the type is Admin provide the username, and if the type is Arbitrary provide the email address of the recipients.
descriptionStringThe description of the recipient group. Example – "description": "Tier 2 Helpdesk"