Ruckus ZoneDirector Monitoring

Last updated on 17 March, 2023


​ LogicMonitor offers out-of-the-box monitoring for the Ruckus ZoneDirector (ZD) wireless LAN (WLAN) controller. Our monitoring package uses SNMP to query the ZoneDirector controller for a variety of performance metrics, including uptime, CPU, memory, error rates, and rogue WiFi signals. ​

Setup Requirements

Add Resource Into Monitoring

Add your Ruckus ZoneDirector host into monitoring. For more information on adding resources into monitoring, see Adding Devices.

Enable SNMP

SNMP must be configured on the Ruckus ZoneDirector host in order for the DataSources to successfully collect data.

In addition, LogicMonitor must provide the appropriate credentials in order to successfully access the ZoneDirector controller via SNMP. For instructions on how to set the appropriate credentials as properties on the ZoneDirector resource within LogicMonitor, see Defining Authentication Credentials.

Import LogicModules

From the LogicMonitor repository, import all Ruckus ZoneDirector LogicModules, which are listed in the LogicModules in Package section of this support article. If these LogicModules are already present, ensure you have the most recent versions.

Once the LogicModules are imported (assuming all previous setup requirements have been met), the suite of ZoneDirector DataSources will automatically begin collecting data. ​ ​


  • Data collection gaps for the Ruckus ZD System WLAN Error Rate DataSource. The data collection performed by this DataSource (directly via SNMP) is best effort as we have consistently seen gaps on the device at the top of the hour (error rates are likely recalculated by Ruckus at that time). To minimize the impact of the gap, the DataSource has a collection interval of one minute. Given the gaps, we do not recommend alerting on the data collected by this DataSource. If alert thresholds are set, ensure the appropriate use of consecutive polls to avoid false positives.
  • Occasional inaccuracies with the Ruckus ZD Access Points Rogue DataSource. Rogue signals (collected from Ruckus's SNMP) are occasionally inaccurate. For this reason, the data collection performed by this DataSource is best effort and we do not recommend building alerts with them. Seeing open APs can be critical so we have included this data. Most frequently, issues are seen in type, encrypted, and radio type rogue access points as they are inaccurate momentarily. For example, encrypted types bounce from 1 to 0. It can be assumed that the signal is set up as encrypted (1) but is reporting 0s occasionally. Other data may be intermittent as APs may be transient. ​

LogicModules in Package

LogicMonitor's package for Ruckus ZoneDirector consists of the following LogicModules. For full coverage, please ensure that all of these LogicModules are imported into your LogicMonitor platform.

Display Name Type Description
Ruckus_ZD SysOID Map Adds the value of "Ruckus_ZD" to the system.categories property for ZoneDirector devices.
Ruckus_ZD_Product_Info PropertySource Retrieves product info from Ruckus ZoneDirector wireless controllers.
Ruckus ZD WLANs DataSource Monitors Ruckus ZoneDirector WLAN health and performance metrics.
Ruckus ZD WLAN Clients DataSource Monitors Ruckus ZoneDirector WLAN client information.
Ruckus ZD WLAN AP Radios DataSource Monitors Ruckus ZoneDirector wireless LAN access point radios.
Ruckus ZD Uptime DataSource Monitors Ruckus ZoneDirector uptime.
Ruckus ZD System WLAN Error Rate DataSource Monitors Ruckus ZoneDirector wireless LAN packet error and frame error rates.
Ruckus ZD System Summary DataSource Monitors Ruckus ZoneDirector summary data for CPU, memory, and wireless LAN overall usage.
Ruckus ZD Access Points Rogue DataSource Monitors Ruckus ZoneDirector rogue wireless LAN access points.
Ruckus ZD Access Points Info DataSource Monitors CPU utilization, status, count, and uptime for Ruckus ZoneDirector access points
Ruckus ZD Access Points Client Network DataSource Monitors client network throughput, packets, and compares unicast vs. multicast for Ruckus ZoneDirector access points

When setting static datapoint thresholds on the various metrics tracked by this package's DataSources, LogicMonitor follows the technology owner's best practice KPI recommendations. If necessary, we encourage you to adjust these predefined thresholds to meet the unique needs of your environment. For more information on tuning datapoint thresholds, see Tuning Static Thresholds for Datapoints.

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