Updating Resource Properties with the Push Metrics REST API

Last updated on 30 June, 2021

You can use LogicMonitor’s Push Metrics REST API to programmatically add or update properties for existing resources. However, system (system.xyz) and (auto.xyz) properties are not added to the payload.

The Push Metrics REST API requires LMv1 API Token Authentication.

Request Information

The resource property ingestion endpoint is used to add or update one or more properties for an existing resource.

Only one resource is supported per request.

Base URLhttps://{ACCOUNTNAME}.logicmonitor.com/rest
HeaderAuthorization: LMv1 token
SpecificationPUT – All the properties for that resource must be specified.
PATCH – LogicMonitor will add/update the properties specified in the request.

    “resourceName”: “<Resource Name>”,               //Optional
    “resourceIds”: {                                 //Mandatory
        “key”: “<The value of a property>”,…
    “resourceProperties”: {
         “key”: “<The value of a property>”,…    //Should have at least 1 attribute

For details on the fields used in this request, see Ingesting Metrics with the Push Metrics REST API.

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