Last updated on 26 July, 2021

Kafka is comprehensively monitored by LogicMonitor using JMX. This means that you will need to set up JMX (similar to other Java applications).

1. Before stating Kafka, export the environment variable JMX_PORT to configure Kafka to start with JMX enabled on the specified port.

For example, to enable JMX on port 9999, edit your Kafka startup script to include the line: export JMX_PORT=9999

2. Enable LogicMonitor to discover and monitor Kafka by setting the JMX port that Kafka is listening on as a property at the device level or higher (so that devices will inherit the property).

The Kafka port is set using the property: kafka.jmxport

3. On all the servers that run Kafka, set the category KafkaBroker so that the DataSources associate with the correct resources.

ActiveDiscovery should then find all the topics and comprehensive Kafka monitoring should start.