Recipient Groups


Similar to a mailing list, a recipient group is a single entity that holds multiple alert delivery recipients. Consisting of multiple user accounts and/or other recipient groups, recipient accounts act as time-saving shortcuts when the same group of recipients needs to be notified of a variety of different types of alerts.

Once configured, recipient groups are available for selection when configuring escalation chains, as discussed in Escalation Chains.

Creating Recipient Groups

To create a new recipient group, navigate to Settings | Alert Settings | Recipient Groups | Add. As discussed next, there are several configurations that must be established in order to create a recipient group.

Name and Description

In the Name and Description fields, enter a name and description for the recipient group.


From the Recipients area of the dialog, click the plus sign icon to add recipients to the recipient group. For each individual recipient (i.e. user) you add, you’ll need to select a contact method (as previously entered into their user account).

Your level of permissions determine which users or previously-created recipient groups are available for selection when assigning recipients. You’ll only see individual users for which you have view permissions; similarly, you’ll only see previously-created recipient groups if you have view permissions for each member.

Note: When selecting a contact method, you’ll also see any alert integrations that have been configured for the account. This allows you to direct alert delivery to third-party ticketing or team collaboration applications. LogicMonitor recommends that you create a dedicated user account to associate with integrations. For more information on alert integrations, see Alert Integrations Overview.

Arbitrary Emails

In the Arbitrary Emails field, you can enter one or more email addresses that are not associated with existing user accounts.

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