Modern Dashboards

Last updated on 26 April, 2024

With modern dashboards, you can monitor multiple hosts using a single dashboard. You can filter the hosts by using the filters based on their properties.
For example, you can monitor AWS resources from different regions using a single dashboard.

In addition, Modern Dashboard also supports widget filtering based on a group. For example, add filter resource property “system.groups”.

The following widgets are supported in Modern Dashboards:

  • CustomGraph
  • Gauge
  • Table
  • NOC
  • SLA
  • BigNumber
  • Pie Chart
  • Alert list widget

Creating Dynamic Filters

  1. In LogicMonitor, navigate to Dashboards.
  2. On the Dashboard page, select the Filters drop-down option.
  3. Select + Add Record or select + on the right side.

  4. In the Property field, enter the required property name.
  5. (Optional) In the Filter name field, enter the label name by which you want to save the property filter.

  6. Select Apply.
    Note: Click anywhere on the UI to exit the Add Property dialog box.
  7. Select the required filter options from the set filters to view the required results.
    Note: Using dynamic filters, you can now filter dashboards with inherited resource group properties.

Note: The set filters are not saved for future views. The filters will not be displayed once you refresh or close the page.

Copying Dashboard URL with Applied Filters

You can copy and share the dashboard URL with applied filters.

  1. Log into the LogicMonitor portal and navigate to Dashboards > select the required dashboard.
  2. On the selected Dashboard, select the required resource properties filter from the Filters drop-down and select Apply.
  3. On the upper right corner, select Overflow > Copy Dashboard URL.

You can share the dashboard URL with or without applied filters. The dashboard URL displays the exact view from when the URL was generated.

Note: The Dashboard URL gets copied with the exact customization and the selected time range.


Modular Panels

  1. Navigate to Dashboards > Add Widgets.
  2. On the Add Widgets panel, select Overflow > select the required options.

There are three options for adding widgets to the Dashboards:

  • Dock bottom
  • Dock right
  • Pop-out