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Interface Bandwidth Report


The Interface Bandwidth Report displays maximum and average values for interface inbound and outbound throughputs. This information is presented in a tabular data format and can additionally include graphs per interface. Because the flexibility of this report allows you to view graphs and numerical data together for multiple interfaces, you may find this report useful for quickly reviewing recent interface metrics across a group of devices.

Please note that the Interface Bandwidth Report will not properly pull your information if you change the name of the DataSource, “Interfaces-“. If you would like to use the Interface Bandwidth Report but need to customize the “Interfaces-” DataSource name, you can clone the DataSource and simply edit the name of the clone.



Time Range

Choose the time range that you’d like to see interface information for.

Device Groups/Devices

Select one or more devices or device groups for which you want to see interface information.

Report format

Select whether the report should be text only or include embedded graphs.

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