Upgrading LM Container Charts

Last updated on 06 March, 2024

Important: This applies to LM Container services using LM Container Helm Chart 1.0.0 or later.

Requirements for Upgrading LM Container Charts

Note: You can migrate old configurations to LM Container Charts. For more information, see Migrating Existing Kubernetes Clusters Using LM Container Helm Chart.

Methods of LM Container Charts Upgrade

You can upgrade LM Container Charts as follows:

  • Upgrading LM Container Charts using the Upgrade Wizard (recommended)
  • Upgrading LM Containers Charts using Command-Line Interface (CLI)

Upgrading LM Container Charts using Upgrade Wizard

Recommendation: LogicMonitor recommends upgrading the LM Containers using the upgrade wizard.

  1. In LogicMonitor, navigate to Resource Tree> select Kubernetes Cluster group.
  2. Select (Manage) Manage iconm > Upgrade.
    Note: You need to run the addCategory_LMContainerConfig PropertySource, if you use LM Container Charts 6.1.0 version or lower.
    Upgrade option for Lm Container
  3. At the Configuration step of the wizard, select the required version from the LM Container Helm Chart Version dropdown menu.
    Configuration step of Kubernetes Wizard
  4. Select Next:Modules.
  5. At the Modules step of the wizard, upgrade the required modules from the Exchange page.
    This step only shows the list of the modules and their current status (For example, which modules are awaiting installation or degradation).
    Modules step of Kubernetes upgrade
  6. Select Next: Permissions.
  7. At the Permissions step of the wizard, the options display the user details used during initial installation.
    You can change them if required.
    Permissions step of Kubernetes upgrade
  8. Select Next: Update LM Container.
  9. At the Update LM Container step of the wizard, do the following:
    1. Copy or Download the generated LM Container Configuration file.
    2. Run the Helm commands displayed in the Run the Installation Command section to install LM Container from the shell where the helm is installed and the Kubernetes cluster is made accessible.
    3. Once you run the commands successfully, ensure all pods in the LogicMonitor namespace(or where the LM Container has installed them) are up and running with healthy status. (For example, x/y – x are running healthy from expected y to run.)
      Upgrade step of Kubernetes Upgrade
  10. Return to the Install LM Container page, and select Verify Connection.
  11. Select Next: Services.
  12. At the Services step of the wizard, add Kubernetes label key-value pairs.
    For more information, see Adding a Service.
    Services step of Kubernetes Upgrade
  13. Select Next: Finish.
    Kubernetes Cluster is updated.

Upgrading LM Container Charts using Command-Line Interface

  1. Take a backup of lm-container-configuration.yaml file by performing the following:
    1. Create lm-container-configuration.yaml file.
    2. Run the following command:
      helm get values lm-container -n logicmonitor
    3. Copy and save the content into lm-container-configuration.yaml file.
  2. Open the command line interface window. 
  3. In the terminal, update the repository with the latest Helm charts by using the following command: 
    helm repo update logicmonitor
  4. Run the following command to update the existing Custom Resource Definition (CRD):
     kubectl apply -f https://raw.githubusercontent.com/logicmonitor/helm-charts/main/charts/collectorset-controller/crds/collectorset.yaml
  5. Run the following Helm upgrade command:
helm upgrade \
    --reuse-values \
    --namespace=<namespace> \
    -f lm-container-configuration.yaml \
    lm-container --version <Latest LM Container Chart Version Number> logicmonitor/lm-container

For more information on the list of values and their descriptions used in the lm-container-configuration.yaml file, see Values Schema Reference from ArtifactHUB.

Note: Latest LM Container Chart Version Number refers to the LM Container Chart version number you want to upgrade to.

For more information on Installing the LM Container chart, see Installing LM Container Chart using CLI and Installing the LM Container Helm Chart.

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