REST API Error Codes

Last updated on 23 September, 2022

When a REST API operation fails, an error code is provided in the response body. This can happen due to invalid or incorrect inputs or issues in the server. We use standard HTTP error codes to indicate the error in the response body. 

This table will help you understand more about errors and ways to resolve them. The following are default error messages, and can differ as per API.

Error CodeError Message
1202The task is running
1400Bad request
1409The record already exists
1403Permission denied
1500Internal error
1204No Content
1404No such record
14004Error in query string parameters
14002Partial success
1412The supplied precondition evaluated to false
1313Report in progress
1413The request entity is too large
14001Resource Dependency
14003Properties must start with a letter to be valid.
1401Authentication failed
14042No Such Company
1303All Locations are disable / No valid locations selected
403Authentication failed
1007Bad request
1078Please upload a .docx file
1000Server is busy
1040Cannot import LogicModule 
1100Too many requests
1073The collector isn’t active
503Company is deactive
100Continuing …
1104Resource Dependency
1075The request entity/report is too large
1001Internal error
500Internal error
1031There is a syntax error in the appliesTo field.
1077Invalid Macros / Bad request
1074Report too large
1076Template too large
1000Server is busy
1301Save failed
1065No such company
1069No such record
1058No such widget
1201Partial success /  The update was partially successful
1041Permission denied
1091Rate exceed
403Session timeout
1079The report template could not be uploaded
1101Query timed out
600The record already exists
1001Unknown error