Manual Mapping

Last updated on 11 January, 2023

Manual mapping helps you to complete your maps and define the relationship between two nodes with a single click. You can also enable RCA for the maps. For more information, see Enabling Root Cause Analysis.


  • Ensure you have permission for manual mapping. If not, contact your administrator.
  • An ERI must be available for the resources from which the edges for the maps are created.

Using Manual Mapping

1. Log into the LogicMonitor portal.

2. Navigate to Mappings > Saved Maps.

3. Click any saved maps for which you want to see the maps. You can also create a map manually.

4. On the Mapping page, enable Manual Mapping.

5. Click the required node to add a connection between the required resources.

Recommendation: Drag the connection arrow from the source node and drop it on the target node to create an edge.

An Add Connection pop-up box is displayed.

6. Select the required connection edge type for the desired resources and click Connect.

Note: If you select edge type as Routing or Network, you must provide additional details in the Add Connection dialog box.

You can click Connection details to see the connection details for the added connection. For more information, see Viewing Interface Mapping.

7. (Optional) Click Add Resources to add resources.
Once the manual connection is set, you can see the connections in the Maps tab, resources, resource groups, alerts, and so on.

Note: You must save the map if you want to view the manual edge connection again on that map.

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