Cloud Data Collection

Last updated on 03 May, 2023

Similar to how the Poll Now feature can be used to troubleshoot traditional, local Collector-based LogicModules, you can use Poll Now to troubleshoot CloudWatch data collection.  Remember that CloudWatch data is collected via a LogicMonitor maintained Collector.  Poll Now provides the visibility you need to identify potential issues in data collection, such as permission issues or DataSource mis-configurations.  Examples of when you may find Poll Now useful include:

  • Troubleshooting DataSources configured to collect custom CloudWatch metrics
  • Troubleshooting a lack of non-custom CloudWatch metrics

The Poll Now feature displays on the Raw Data tab:


When selected, it will poll AWS CloudWatch and display:

  1. Data returned
  2. Complex datapoint expressions
  3. CloudWatch GetMetricStatistics Request details (including values for tokens present in datapoint metric paths)
  4. HTTP Status returned by AWS API
  5. Error message/code returned by AWS API