Getting Started with the Service Graph Connector for LogicMonitor Application

Last updated on 23 November, 2020

A Configuration Management Database (CMDB) contains all relevant information about the hardware and software components used across an organisation’s IT environment. Even more important, a CMDB defines the relationships and interdependencies between those assets. This makes it easy to understand, manage and report on the service being delivered.

However, a CMDB is only valuable if you’re working with reliable data. With thousands of devices being added across distributed systems, it’s easy for a business-impacting issue to slip through the cracks.

LogicMonitor’s integration with the ServiceNow Service Graph Connector evolves the ServiceNow CMDB beyond inventory and asset management. The Service Graph Connector for LogicMonitor allows users to streamline data collection across systems so that they can understand how the entire ecosystem is working at a glance, from infrastructure to applications, and receive immediate notifications when changes occur.

As a result, IT organizations are empowered with a broad and deep data foundation for managing the entire lifecycle of digital products and services.

Benefits of the Service Graph Connector for LogicMonitor application include:

  • Better understanding of overall service health. The application allows users to monitor, visualize and alert on the health of overall services rather than the health of individual monitored devices ultimately increasing visibility into the whole ecosystem.
  • Bi-directional data flow. Deliver a single source of truth with real-time, accurate, and relevant details maintained in both LogicMonitor and ServiceNow. Not only does this encourage collaboration between IT Ops and Service Management, it also helps improve overall CMDB health.
  • Enhanced alerting and insight. Generate meaningful dashboards as you add devices, combining data from across your infrastructure to create application or service-specific views. When you are able to visualize service dependencies and identify big picture impacts and anomalies, you can focus on incidents with the greatest impact to the business.
  • Customizations based on your business needs. No IT environment is the same, so we make it easy to build on our powerful CMDB application architecture to meet the unique needs of your business.

Versioning and Compatibility

Visit this application’s product page in the ServiceNow Store for details on the current application version and release notes; ServiceNow release compatibility; and ServiceNow licensing and dependency requirements.


Before beginning installation and configuration of the Service Graph Connector for LogicMonitor application, ensure you have access to the following:

  • A ServiceNow account with the “admin” role.
  • A LogicMonitor user account with the necessary privileges to create the API only user account required for the application configuration/connection.
  • A ServiceNow subscription to a Subscription Unit based IT Operations Management (ITOM) Visibility or ITOM Discovery application. Note: Managed IT Resources (as defined in Section 1.1 of the ServiceNow Subscription Unit Overview) created or modified in the CMDB by this Service Graph Connector, but not yet managed by ITOM Visibility or ITOM Discovery, will increase Subscription Unit consumption within that application. Customers should review their current Subscription Unit consumption within ITOM Visibility or ITOM Discovery to ensure available capacity.

Update Key LogicMonitor PropertySources

Enhance the data your CIs can get from LogicMonitor by making sure you have imported the latest versions and device credentials for the Device_BasicInfo and Linux_SSH_Info PropertySources. These PropertySources will add a number of properties to the devices in your portal that align with field mappings in the Service Graph Connector for LogicMonitor application and further enhance your CI data.

Create an API Only User

A dedicated API only LogicMonitor user account (administrator role recommended) is required. For full functionality, the account will need the ability to:

  • View Collectors
  • Add devices
  • Add device groups
  • Additional privileges may be needed based on your unique use cases

Be sure to retain the Access ID and Access Key values for use when configuring the connection between the Service Graph Connector for LogicMonitor application and the LogicMonitor portal. See Users for instructions on creating an API only user account.

Next Steps

  • For instructions on installing, configuring, customizing, and using the application, contact your customer success manager to request the Service Graph Connector for LogicMonitor solution documentation.
  • Be sure to test implementation in non-production environments. CMDB data is important and LogicMonitor devices and monitoring data are equally important. Implementation of this application should be thoroughly tested using your non-production instances of ServiceNow and your LogicMonitor sandbox accounts prior to rolling out to production.
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