Adding an API Only User

Last updated on 05 April, 2023

You can create a user only capable of API access. For such a user, only the UsernameAPI TokensRolesStatus and Notes fields are relevant. API only users don’t have passwords or other user interface-specific fields, making them a more secure option if you are creating a dedicated user for an API-based integration.

To add API Only User, do the following:

  1. In LogicMonitor, navigate to Settings > User Access > Users and Roles > Users.
  2. Select Add Users Options > Add API Only User. The Add API Only User page appears.
  3. In the Username field, provide a username for the user.
  4. Select the Group you want to add this user to.
  5. Select Status of the user as Active or Suspended.
  6. Add a Note if required.
  7. Select the API Token + icon to add API token for the user. The Add API Token pane appears.
  8. In the Status field, select any of the following options:
    • LMv1: If you select LMv1, the values for Access ID and Access Key are generated. You can copy these for later use.
    • Bearer: If you select Bearer, a value for bearer Token is generated. You can copy the bearer token for later use.
  9. Add a Note if required.
  10. Select the Save icon available on the Add API Token pane.
  11. Select Next:Role and assign the roles you want to assign to this user.
  12. Select Finish.