Linux Interface Bandwidth Utilization

Last updated on 17 March, 2023

By default, LogicMonitor monitors interface bandwidth utilization as a percentage of the interface’s physical capacity, for any of your Linux hosts, and most of your SNMP-enabled devices. Note that this is a percentage utilization of your physical link speed, which may not reflect any configured limits imposed by your uplink provider.


Monitoring Interface Utilization based on Configured Speed

If you would like to monitor actual limited bandwidth utilization, as provided by your uplink provider, you can manually override an interfaces rated speed by adding the following configurations to /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf file on the device:

interface <device-name> <type> <speed>


interface bond0 6 1000000

Afterwards, restart your SNMPd service.

This example would set a rated speed of 1000 GBits on interface bond0. Note that interface type 6 is ethernet.

You can view this percentage utilization by accessing your device under the Devices Page, select your Interfaces (64bit)- datasource and  view the “Interface Utilization” graph on the Data Tab. If you do not see this graph, you may need to update your snmp64_if- datasource.


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