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OpenMetrics DataSource Wizard

LogicMonitor has simplified creating and setting up OpenMetrics (Prometheus Exposition Format) DataSources for polling an endpoint where these metrics are exposed. The scripted DataSource templates are still available, but the Collector now supports the OpenMetrics data format, so you no longer need to use a script to parse the data. The recommended way to create new DataSources is to use the wizard.

The wizard is found in your LogicMonitor portal in the Exchange page. Navigate to the Exchange page and select OpenMetrics from the menu tabs. The OpenMetrics tab shows all the DataSources that have been created in the account.


The OpenMetrics format is 100% compatible with the Prometheus Exposition Format on which it is based and has been adopted as the official standard by the Cloud Native Computing foundation.

Setup Requirements

The setup wizard allows you to load metrics from an OpenMetrics endpoint and select the metrics to process into datapoints for collection. At this time, the host resources need to be in monitoring and a new property for the endpoint URL must be added to the resource.


  • EA Collector 30.100 or later installed and monitoring the resource from an OpenMetrics endpoint.
  • OpenMetrics host(s) added into monitoring. For more information about adding resources into monitoring, see Adding Devices.

Set properties on host resource

Set the following custom properties on the OpenMetrics host(s) within LogicMonitor. For more information on setting properties, see Resource and Instance Properties.

Property Required? Value
openmetrics.url Required
(NEW for wizard)
If the endpoint does not use basic authentication or HTTPS, this is the only property required to get started.

Example: http://hostname:port/metrics Required if not using openmetrics.url To use parameterized values for openmetrics.url, you need to supply a host, port, and metrics if overriding defaults listed below.
openmetrics.port Optional Populate to override default port, ‘9273’.
openmetrics.path Optional Populate to override default path, ‘/metrics’.
openmetrics.user Optional Username for authentication.
openmetrics.path Optional Password for authentication.

Add DataSource

If you’ve ever created or edited a DataSource, these fields are the same as the General Information section for any other DataSource to include identifying information.


The unique name of the DataSource. This field is required and represents the name of the DataSource for how it will be displayed in the OpenMetrics DataSource list as well as in the Settings | LogicModules | DataSources list for viewing and editing.

As a best practice, this name should be descriptive. For example, you can specify the platform or application name first, and then specify a specific component of the platform.

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