Update a Dashboard

Last updated on 08 March, 2023

You can use LogicMonitor’s REST API to update the dashboards in your account. As with all of our API calls, authentication is required.

HTTP Method: PUT

URI: /dashboard/dashboards/{id}

Request Parameters: You can include the parameters listed in the following table in your PUT request. Consistent with REST standards, any properties not specified in a PUT request will revert back to their default values.

Property Description Required? Type
groupId The id of the group the dashboard belongs to No. Defaults to 1 (root group) Integer
widgetsConfig The sizing and positions of widgets included in the dashboard No String
name The name of the dashboard Yes String
description The description of the dashboard No. Defaults to a blank string. String
sharable Whether or not the dashboard is sharable. When true, the dashboard is public. When false, the dashboard is private. No. Defaults to false. Boolean
owner This field will be empty unless the dashboard is a private dashboard, in which case the owner will be listed No. Defaults to the user who adds the dashboard. String
groupName The name of the group the dashboard belongs to No. Defaults to the root group. String
useDynamicWidget Whether or not this will be a dashboard that uses dashboard tokens No. Defaults to false. Boolean
widgetTokens If useDynamicWidget=true, this field must at least contain tokens defaultDeviceGroup and defaultServiceGroup, e.g. “widgetTokens”:[{“name”:”defaultDeviceGroup”,”value”:”*”},{“name”:”defaultServiceGroup”,”value”:”*”}] Only if useDynamicWidget=true JSON Object