Adding a Service Group

Last updated on 27 March, 2023

You can group your services together using the Service Group option. You can save a service group under the root folder or under another service group.

After you create a service group, you can add services to this service group while creating a new service or while managing an existing service.

Do the following to create a service group.

  1. From the LogicMonitor navigation sidebar, click Services. The Services page appears with the Services tree, which contains a root folder and a list of all the available services.
  2. To select the location for your service group, from the Services tree, select the root folder or a service group, and then click the Add icon. The Add dialog box appears with the following options:
    • Service: Select to create a service by grouping together the instances across one or more monitored resources.
    • Service Group: Select to create a service group to group together the services you want.
  3. Select Service Group. The Add Service Group page appears.
  4. Add the following information for your service group.
Name(Required) Enter a name for the service group that reflects what the Service Group represents.
DescriptionEnter a description for the service group.
Enable alertingClick the Enable alerting toggle to turn on or turn off the alerts for this service group.
Parent GroupClick the search icon to view the list of available service groups and then select the service group you want. 
PropertiesClick the search icon for Name to view available properties and then select the property you want. You can add multiple properties to your service.
  1. Click Save to create the service group.

To know more about managing a service group, see Managing Service Group.