How Do I Change the User Account of the Windows Collector Service?

Last updated on 26 April, 2024

If you find you need to update the credentials provided when installing the collector, you must log on to the collector computer and update the services. It is common to have to update this account if you mistakenly installed the collector with Local System context and now need to monitor remote computers.To change the context of the collector service:

  1. Start the Services administration tool, either by launching it from Administrative tools or by typingservices.msc in the Start > Find field.
  2. Locate the LogicMonitor Collector service.
  3. Right-click it, click Properties, and then select the Log On tab.
  4. Click Check next to This account:, and either browse to the appropriate user or type it in.
  5. Complete the password information and click OK.
  6. Acknowledge that the password will not take effect until restart.
  7. Repeat for the LogicMonitor Collector Watchdog service.
  8. Stop both services, and then start the LogicMonitor Collector Watchdog service. This will start the LogicMonitor Collector service.