Updating AppliesToFunction Details

Last updated on 14 September, 2023

You can use LogicMonitor REST API v3 to update AppliesToFunction details. You must authenticate yourself before making the API request.

To make partial updates to an AppliesToFunction, make a PATCH request. To completely update an AppliesToFunction, make a PUT request.

URI: PATCH /setting/functions/{id}

URI: PUT /setting/functions/{id}

Note: As per REST standards, any property which is not specified in the PUT request will revert to its default value.

idInteger(Mandatory) The Id of the AppliesToFunction that you want to update.
paramStringParameters of the user defined function.
originRegistryIdStringThe Registry ID of the Exchange Integration this module is based from, including this field will set this as the module’s import base and mark the ID’s version as audited. Set integration metadata if originRegistryId is defined in request.
reasonStringSpecify the reason to update the AppliesToFunction.
ignoreReferenceBooleanDefault false. 
If false, then return error if function name changed and function is referred by any LMModule or function.
codeString(Mandatory) The AppliesToFunction code. Note that the special characters may need to be escaped.
nameString(Mandatory) The name of the AppliesToFunction.
descriptionStringThe description of the AppliesToFunction.